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Knight Range

Knight concrete garage

Knight concrete garage

This is one of our most popular basic but quality range of concrete garages. Not only does it offer a practical garage solution, but it’s a quality product that delivers security and is practically maintenance free.

The Knight Range offers the following features:

Pent Roof- available in a range of sizes up to 30’1” (9.17m) long and 20’3” (6.17m) wide and constructed with panels and interlocking joints. The galvanised roof is designed to drain rain water from the front to the rear. This means that you won’t have to suffer dripping as you enter. Our roofs use ultrasorb to prevent condensation from forming.

It’s your choice whether you decide to go with the optional 4’ (1.22metre) window as it is inclusive in the price. Manufactured with a cedar base stain to preserve it, it’s been treated to last for years.

Multi-spar aggregate is an exterior design that will suit practically any property and it doesn’t require any maintenance.

Pre-framed Hormann doors for up and over movement. Because they are pre-framed they will not only perform well over the lifespan of the garage but they provide further support to the construction.

Overall you the Knight Range delivers on:

  • Unbeatable good value for money
  • Concrete panels that are interlocked for strength and weather-proofing
  • Up and over Hormann door with a steel frame
  • Galvanised roof sheets that are strong and robust
  • Galvanised c section steel trusses that have been primed in the factory
  • Rear facing drainage (unless you opt for forward drainage)
  • A range of customisation options

Contact us today for your concrete garage. We cover the Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire areas in the Midlands as well as Cornwall and the West Country, and can also supply nationwide if required.

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Knight concrete garage

Knight concrete garage

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